Saturday, 30 May 2015

How I Whiten my Teeth

I am on a constant mission to whiten my teeth. I have never had braces so my teeth aren't perfectly straight and I therefore like them to be as white as possible to counteract their slightly wonky nature. Also who doesn't like a sparkly white smile ;-).

I am really impressed with my current routine and it has made such a big difference to the colour of my teeth so I thought I would share it with you all. 

Crest Whitening Strips

I love these strips! I use them in the run up to every big occasion where I know there will be lots of photographs being taken. The only frustrating thing is that they aren't readily available on the high street in the UK so you have to buy them online. I tend to get mine from Amazon as they aren't too overpriced and they do different options depending on how many strips you want.

Each little foil pouch has two clear strips, one for your top teeth and one for the bottom. I put them on and leave them for 30 minutes every day for about a week or until I notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I probably do this a few times a year. 

I find the strips so easy to apply, they don't cause me to have any sensitivity like other whitening products I have tried previously and I really notice them working. They are my favourite!

Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White

I had never tried any Pearl Drops products before so was slightly skeptical when BzzAgent provided me with the new toothpaste to try. 

I have been using this for around two months now, twice a day instead of my usual toothpaste and I really do think it makes a difference. There is a little bit of a strange taste initially which is difficult to describe but similar to other whitening toothpastes I have tried. However I got used to it quite quickly and it really doesn't bother me anymore. In terms of whitening this toothpaste is better than any other I have tried, and believe me when I say I have tried a few! Using this every day prevents my teeth from staining and helps to keep them white in between the Crest strips. 

Here is a little before and after of my teeth.

Both photos were taking on my iPhone without flash (the difference in skin colour is foundation!) and I can definitely see a difference in the shades. I had some yellowness to my teeth before which has completely disappeared now. 

I highly recommend both of these products and would love to know any other teeth whitening products that you recommend.


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