Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What I Take in my Hand Luggage Liquids Bag

A little bit of a travel related post today as it is nearly the time of year where we all flock off on holiday to get some well earned rest and relaxation and of course some sun!

Every time I go away I have the dilemma of what liquids I really need to take with me on the plane. It is quite a hassle now with the extra security measures in place which mean any liquids in your hand luggage need to be under 100ml and carried in a transparent, plastic bag (20cm x20cm). 

Previously I have made trips with nothing for ease and then realised halfway through a flight I was in dire need of Vaseline for my chapped lips and there was none in sight. Or the alternative where I have stuffed my little plastic bag so full the entire contents spilled out over the security tray. Thankfully I have now manged to find a happy medium so without further ado here is what I took with me on my recent holiday.

Firstly I always used the standard size bags they recommend. I'll admit they don't look as fancy as the clear make up bags you can get but this will save you so much effort if you get to a particularly fussy airport security where they make you decant all of your things into the standard bag just to prove it fits, yes this has happened to me before! 

I usually fly without make up on but if I'm arriving at my destination during the day I like to put a little something on my face before landing. I'll always have a concealer and foundation so I can cover up any under eye bags or redness and I'll also take a bright coloured lipstick/lipgloss and a mascara which work wonders to make you look more awake. 

I find flying really dries out my skin and eyes so I always take a little moisturiser, eye drops and Vaseline. Some other essentials are face wipes, deodorant, antibacterial hand gel and a miniature perfume to freshen up. Finally I take a nail file as there is nothing worse than a broken nail on a long flight and not being able to fix it! This of course doesn't need to be in the liquids bag but I keep it all together for convenience.

Out of the liquids bag I'll take some powder, bronzer and a powder brush and that is usually everything that I need. 

Hopefully this has been helpful! I would love to know what everyone else takes when travelling :-).


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