Sunday, 8 March 2015

Things That Made Me Smile

There are lots of little things throughout the week which make me smile. Since the start of the new year I have been trying to stop and take notice of these little things. Here is a summary of a few of the little things or moments this week that have made me happy.

1) My Harry Potter Toilet 

A friend of mine bought me this decal as I am known for being a little obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I absolutely love it! It is really easy to apply and although it might not be the most sophisticated decoration, it makes me smile every time I see it. I'm really trying to resist standing in my toilet and flushing to see what happens........

 2) Marshmallows for Breakfast

I love lucky charms a lot! They take me back to my childhood and I get excited every time I have them in my cupboard. Unfortunately they are ridiculously expensive in the UK and also not the healthiest of breakfasts so they are reserved for a little treat. I found a small one-serving pot in my local supermarket and had it this weekend. Does anyone else eat the cereal and save the marshmallows until the end?

3) Lush Bubble Baths

I'm such a bath person, especially in Winter time when the nights are dark and cold. In my opinion there is nothing better than a hot relaxing bubble bath. If I'm using Lush products I usually go for the bath melts as they leave your skin so soft but I had one bubble bar left from presents at Christmas and decided to use it up. It turned my bath a bright pink colour which made me so happy, I'm such a big kid at heart! 

4) "Just Because" Flowers

I was given some daffodils this weekend for no other reason other than he knows I like them. Not an expensive or fancy big bouquet but I love them even more because of that :-).


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