Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Perfect Jacket

Finding the perfect everyday jacket to wear around Glasgow is practically impossible. This may sound like a bit of an over exaggeration but when you consider the fact that we often have all four seasons in one day then you might be a little more sympathetic to my struggle.

In February the weather can literally change from being dry with sun in the morning, to wet and windy conditions at lunch and freezing by nighttime. So to find a jacket you can wear in the morning to work which will deal with all of these situations is a tricky business. Layers of clothing, bobble hats, scarves and umbrellas are all regularly found in my handbag to deal with this but I'm also in need of a light but cosy jacket to wear until the weather gets a little warmer.

I'm been having an internet window shop to see what I can find and below are some of my recent favourites from Asos. The blue peacoat might be making its way to its new home in my wardrobe as we speak ;-).

the perfect jacket glasgow girls guide

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